Mini Chunky Churndash Pattern

Mini Chunky Churndash
created by Nancy Bender @
inspired by the original pattern by Bonnie Hunter at

There are always firsts.  And this is the first time I have adjusted a pattern and actually published it on my blog.  With Bonnie’s permission, here goes.  Click here to link to the PDF version.

This is your objective.  A 3-inch finished Chunky Churndash.  The original pattern can be found on Bonnie Hunter’s blog under the Free Patterns tab at

 Fabric Requirements:

  (1) Neutral 1.5 x 6” strip

  (1) Medium-Dark 1.5 x 6” strip

  (4) Medium-Dark 1.5” squares

  (1)  Neutral 1.5” square

Step One:    Sew the two strips together along the long side and press toward the darker fabric

Step Two:  Trim down the sides of the strip set so that it measures 1.5” wide.

                        To do this:

            1.  Lay the 3/4-inch line on the seam line of the strip set

  2.  Trim the first side of the strip set to 3/4-inches wide

    3.  Turn the strip-set around and do the same for this side – laying the 3/4-inch line along the seam line and trim off the excess from this side of the strip set.

4.  This is what you want… a 1.5-inch wide strip.

Step 3:  Sub-cut the strip set into 1.5-inch squares
Lay the line of the ruler along
the seam line of the strip set
 and the 1.5-inch line at the end. 

Sub-cut into four segments – each 1.5-inches square.

Step 4:   Building the block

   Lay out the block pieces as shown.

   Flip the middle column pieces, right-sides together, onto the pieces in the left column.  


  Sew the middle column pieces onto the left column pieces.  Finger press to the ‘whole’ square pieces (not the pieced squares.


 Webbing a block is a great Bonnie Hunter hint…. I love it when putting little blocks together.

Flip the right-hand column pieces onto the middle column and sew them on each row while the block is webbed.

  This is what your webbed rows will look like.

   Sew the webbed rows together and press your block.

  Ta-da!!! You have a Mini Chunky Churndash blocks that measures 3.5-inches unfinished.  When you put it into a block/quilt it will measure 3-inches finished.

 Following the original pattern, I made a 3.5-unfinished quarter square triangle block using 3.5 -inch strips and the Companion Angle Ruler.

I hope you enjoy making these mini Chunky Churndash blocks.  For more scrappy inspiration, please visit Bonnie Hunter’s blog at  Happy Quilting!!

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