Friday, July 21, 2017

On quilt shows...

I visited Quilt Odyssey yesterday.  This is the first time in about three years; life just got in the way for a while (well last year I was recovering from surgery).

the extent of my show purchases
I drove 1.5 hours there, breezed through the quilts and the vendors mall, and drove 1.5 hours back home.  I bought two patterns and saw the quilts made by one of my favorite designers, Bonnie Hunter.  I didn't take any pictures of her quilts as the signs said not to.  But when I got home, I noticed on Facebook that people had taken pictures of her quilts.  Oh well, a missed opportunity because I did the right thing.  I'll just have to wait for the book to come out.

I'm starting to wonder about why I got to quilt shows.  Many of the quilts are artsy and fancy and they aren't me.  I don't stop and look at each quilt; I look at the ones that interest me.  Those happen to be the ones that are more traditional, especially the ones with lots of little pieces.

And, when it comes to the vendors mall...well I already have so much stuff in my little sewing room (only 10x10) that I am actually trying to get ride of stuff!! Why would I buy more???

If I have the opportunity to go a show that is different or I have never been to, I will take the opportunity to go.  Sisters, Oregon is on the top of my list.  But I feel like, instead of taking up 8 hours of my day going to a show that really isn't any different, content-wise, than the last time I was there, I should have stayed home and made better use of my time.

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Susan said...

I was there yesterday, too, taking two classes. I bought a few more things than you but skipped a lot of vendors. It took me about 30 minutes to go through the quilt exhibit and I looked at every quilt except the antique ones. So I agree with you that the show are losing their appeal.

Sara said...

I do love going to quilt shows and also find that I can zip right past the ones that don't "speak to me", and I can go back more than once to examine some. Love to look at the vendors, but usually don't spend much. Our guild show is small and we usually only have 2 or 3 vendors and they have told us that they do quite well with sales.