Monday, July 27, 2015

I've already messed up

So, my blog header says "daily" musings.... what was I thinking?

Let's play catch up.  I am busy working on a quilt for my grandson's daycare teacher.  I have two borders left to put on it and then I must piece the backing.  Have to schedule a time with Miss Donna to get it on the Long Arm.

It is also time for me to bit the bullet and head into school a couple of days a week to get ready for the year.  The districts in our area have decided to start on August 19, to allow for more days before testing in the spring.  Sorry, but for some kids (and their parents) who don't value education, adding more days isn't going to make a bit of difference.  Plus, mother nature will most like throw us a whammy.

My daughter, Abby, is home from her internship in Williamsburg.  She was a lead carpenter with the Virginia Shakespeare Festival.  She found, and brought home, a Singer 301 in a cabinet for me.  It needs a power cord, but I found one for a decent price.

Finally, our local fair was last week.  I honestly don't like to go into the fair.  The dust and crowd is not my thing.  The food has gotten so expensive and, let's face it, it isn't the best food for you.  But, Eddie had a blast seeing the animals and construction equipment displayed by local businesses.  Nana's and Grandpa's do what they need to do.

Time to get my butt moving.  Have a great day!


Sara said...

Summer is always too short for teachers, and has gotten worse in recent years as requirements seem to increase for workshops and training in new standards. But I did find some excitement and anticipation while prepping for the new school year. The possibilities seemed endless.

Hope your new year starts out wonderfully.

Michelle said...

We love hearing from you, even if it isn't daily. What a great find your daughter brought home to you!! Lucky you!