Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A year....

well, almost a year.

One whole year with out a post, and so much has happened in a year.  Where to begin.

We have temporary custody of our grandson, Eddie.  Our daughter is fine, just her life is a little nuts right now.  Grandpa and I have put our lives on hold to raise him and while yes, we wish we still had the freedom to come and go as we please we know that this situation is what is best for him.  We love him to death.

My school life has gotten better in some ways and not so in others.  A change in administration was good, much more support is felt.  However the environment of public education is what it is and I won't go ranting on that now.

My quilting life is spent in small bits and pieces.  During the school year not much gets done.  Having a two year old in the house doesn't allow me time to sit and hand piece nor do I get time in the sewing room unless he is napping (see statement about freedom in the first paragraph).  So I do what I can.  I have a few tops that need bordered and quilted.  One is currently with my long-arm friend, Donna, and I have two baby quilts that need quilted and is headed across the pond to Scotland.

So I am going to give this blog jump start the old college try and make a go of it again.  I hope that many of the people who were following me are still around and we can reconnect.  If not, then perhaps new friends will be found.

Have a great day!



Sara said...

Welcome back! Your grandson is adorable and one lucky boy to have a loving grandma and grandpa to step in when needed. He will "keep you young", as a dear neighbor used to say. Your readers will enjoy updates on Eddie just as much as updates on your quilting.

barbara woods said...

welcome back

julieQ said...

Welcome!! Darling baby...glad you are there for him!!

Amy said...

Hey lady-lady. Good to see you giving the blog an attempt again. Perhaps the journaling aspect will be inspiration enough to keep it going long-term. I've come to appreciate being able to backtrack to determine when things were coming to harvest in the garden, or how the chickens have been aging... and, of COURSE, all the quilting projects through the years!

Happy July 2015, Dear!

Michelle said...

Yay! Good to see you back on the blog. I love your new blog name. I've been neglecting my blog during the move, but hopefully will be back at it soon! Your grandson is super cute!!