Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Miniature madness..................

It's done.... the mini-block madness has bit me and I am addicted.

First it was 3-inch Cheddar Bowties... 729 different bowties.

Then it was 3-inch Spools ...  729 different spools.

This morning when I woke up to yet another snow day (we are now going to school on June 12), I looked at the Chunky Churn Dash quilt on the bed (ala Bonnie Hunter) and I thought "why not mini-size that block?"  It wouldn't take much.

So here it is.

Bonnie has given me permission to post the directions, so there is a tab at the top of the blog under my banner for a separate page.  If you would like a PDF file of these directions, please click the link embedded on the pattern page... I uploaded it to Google Docs and I am so hoping it works.


Sara said...

I wondered if your area was being buried in snow yet again. A "sew" day occasionally is OK, but you have had way too many. Stay warm, enjoy working on those mini blocks and try not to think about June 12.

We've had horrible cold this winter but below normal amount of snow. We missed a day due to -50 wind chills. The northeast quarter of our state has had a ton of snow days though.

Andee said...

Cute little block!