Sunday, January 19, 2014

My mother is probably rolling over in her grave...

I never wanted anything to do with antiques growing up.  My mother would be shocked to know how much time I spend looking through antique malls and such now.  Of course, I am on a mission to find quilts, machines, and anything else that looks interesting.

Today I found and adopted a quilt and an antique machine.  The machine is marked Singer, but from I am  told on the Vintage machine list on Facebook, it could be a Wheeler and Wilson that was re-dressed after Singer bought them out.  I don't know if it will ever run, but for $5 I decided, like Charlie Brown, I needed bring it home and give it a little love.

The quilt I found at an antique mall in Dover, PA.  I am also in the process of making a Grandmother's Flower Garden like this with the green diamond path.  I wasn't sure how I was liking it, but seeing one made up it is making me want to work on it more.  I took a picture of my piece next to the antique.  Maybe some day someone will love mine enough to take it home from an antique mall.

The last two quilts I left behind, but I know where it is and I might try to talk Kevin in to going back to get it.  I love the golden fabric the maker used in the sashing.  And the border is incredible, especially at the corners.  The broken star was lovely, the border was really superb.

I also left behind a white Singer Featherweight.  Way out of the budget right now, but I know where it is too and who knows.... if I save my pennies......

Have a great day!


Amy said...

I too purchased a machine without ever having intentions of it running, but merely for decoration. $4.00 price tag; our reasoning works! There are house decorations that FAR exceed these prices!!! ;)

Happy Sunday

Sara said...

What great finds! Your grandmother's flower garden quilt doesn't look very different - very vintage.

I haven't gone antiquing in years, but always enjoyed it in the past. My younger daughter used to like to go with me, so maybe when she doesn't have toddlers around she'll get interested again.

Beth said...

Very cool sewing machine. Love the quilts. You find the best quilts. Love your GFG in progress.