Sunday, January 12, 2014

Let me take you down cause we're going to.... Strawberry Fields....

Channeling my inner Beatles....

One thing I accomplished over the holiday break was binding three quilts.  I didn't get a picture of Beth's before she took it back to Drexel, so that one will have to be show and tell (or bring and brag as a teacher friend called it) for another post.  But here are the other two.

First up... Strawberry Fields.  These soft, muted colors are not really me, but for some reason I fell in love with this line and bought a couple of jelly rolls and enough yardage to make the borders.  And, I found a Strawberry Panto that Donna (my longarmer) bought to quilt it with.  This one is going to my in-laws house today.

Next we have a Breast Cancer fundraiser quilt.  The fabrics are from Loralie... I love her ladies... they make me smile.  There is a local insurance agency that does a lot of Breast Cancer fund raising.  So I made the quilt and Donna graciously donated the quilting.

See?? I'm trying to keep up with posting... already made two today :)

Create Happy!!!


Sara said...

Binding 3 quilts would be a HUGE accomplishment in my mind. I am a bit slow at that step myself.

Both of these are beautiful. I love the Loralei lines too. I have blocks done with the golfers and hope to finish it before summer as a lap quilt for myself.

scraphappy said...

Two beautiful quilts. Binding represents such a big accomplishment in having a finished quilt. Congratulations!

KatieQ said...

Great quilts! I have been hoarding a cache of Strawberry Fields waiting for a pattern worthy of it. You came up with a great way to use it. I love the idea of quilting it with a strawberry panto. I'm sure your Card Trick quilt will raise a lot of money for the breast cancer fundraiser. I really like the way the green works with the pink fabrics.