Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It was all Kevin's idea.....

Absolutely Beautiful
Kevin called me at school yesterday while I was eating lunch and told me that there was an estate sale starting at 2 pm and there were quilts listed.  He was off work yesterday having planned to retrieve a child from college. Anyway, I said I'd meet him there after school and take a look.

I couldn't leave them behind.

Has a Poly-cotton  feel... but I loved it anyway

A summer quilt - top and back, quick-line machine 'quilted'


Mary K said...

Of course you couldn't leave them. They are all gorgeous! Lucky you.

Beth said...

Amazing finds. So happy they went home with a quilter. Enjoy your new/old quilts.

KatieQ said...

What a great find. That was sweet of your husband to be on the lookout for you.