Friday, August 16, 2013

How to spend a beautiful day with the hubby.....

Kevin took the day off today.  Our plan... to visit Needle and Thread near Gettysburg and get fabric to border my Easy Street mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter.  Kevin found a piece of fabric that he can use to make a vest for his re-enacting.

Then we went to look at antiques.  We spent some time in New Oxford at a couple of shops.  Lots of pretty quilts and very expensive price tags.  One quilt was a pieced Bear Paw and the tag said applique.  A couple of older quilts had been machine quilted over the applique... what a shame.  But overall they were pretty to look at.  I particularly liked the red and white quilt, especially the two 'mistake' blocks in it.

In another shop, there was a 1908 shuttle bobbin Singer Treadle.  It was in rough shape, some rust and would need work.  The price tag was way too high to bring home.  I hope someone adopts it and enjoys it.

Finally on the way home, we went by a yard sale and Kevin said "there is a black machine sitting in the yard."  We turned around around there was a 1956 Singer 201.  It needs cleaned up, and honestly I'm not sure what to do with it.  It still has the cabinet hinges attached to it.  I knew that at 3:45 in the afternoon they would most likely be open to an offer.... so $10 later, it came home.  I'm thinking of calling him Sputnik.

Erin, Lester, and Eddie will be here for a visit tomorrow.  My Nana arms are aching for some baby love.

Hope you had a great day!


Suzan said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

regan said...

LOVE that red & white quilt....especially the 'fun' block! :o) And what a deal you got on that machine! Woohoo!