Saturday, August 10, 2013

Flea Marketing with my honey....

Kevin and I intended to go to an estate auction this morning, but when we got there there were box lots and box lots of a lot of nothing.  The only thing I found interesting was a British made Singer Spartan... but, since I wasn't finding the quilts that were advertised and he wasn't seeing anything worth wanting, we decided to leave.

Since the day had been blocked out for us to spend together, we traveled south to a couple of flea markets and did some exploring.

This quilt came home with me.  As Linus said, "I think it just needs a little love."  There is some wear in the fabric, and the binding is shot, but for the price I couldn't leave it there.

The treadle.... well if I dated it correctly by the serial number, it is an 1871 shuttle bobbin Singer.  I am waiting to hear back from the dealer if there is any wiggle room on the price.  It even had the wooden 'box top' or whatever it's called.  Kevin just gave me the 'we have two' look, but I've never seen one this old.  There was another treadle behind it, but I didn't take all the stuff off of it and open it.

Of course the most important part of the day is that our grandson, Eddie, is one month old today.  Don't you love this picture.  He just knows how cute he is.

Hope you had a wonderful day too!


Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

OH my - what treasures. I have three treadles and I think my Husband might kick me out of the house if I bring home another...but I can look!! :)

Beth said...

The quilt looks really pretty!
Not as pretty oops sorry handsome as that little grandson of yours!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You found some treasures, and that little grandson is absolutely adorable!