Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Epic save...

I've gone back to hand-quilting on the Sun Bonnet Sue lap quilt I'm making for Abby.  She wanted it hand quilted... and honestly I think a pattern like this is one that demands hand-quilting.

Last night I made that 'kick myself in the head' mistake... I went to snip the thread tail and snipped a hole in one of the dresses.  UGH!!!! (of course what I said should not be printed here).

I tried to satin stitch it with green thread... it looked like crap.  Of course Abby said she didn't care.. but I did.

So tonight I carefully took the mangled dress of the quilt and got ready to make another dress.

I got the box of 30's prints out and made a new dress and sleeve.  The sleeve was created first, stitched to the hand, then all of that was stitched to the dress.  The dress was basted to the freezer paper and pinned on.

Everything went well and Ta-Da!!!!!  The quilt is saved.  Tomorrow we begin to hand quilt again.

Have a great day!


Susan said...

So glad you were able to make the save. I'm sure it was extremely frustrating, though

Sara said...

I also think some designs just need some hand quilting. This will be a great choice and worth the time when it is for a special person. Glad you could fix that little dress.

Beth said...

Great save!!! I hate when Ido stuff like that. (The oops not the save LOL). Happy quilting.