Monday, July 8, 2013

We have bowties!!!

Woohoo!! 729 bowties later... and I'm ready to make blocks.  I tried to make sure that no two bowties were made with the same fabric... so I guess that will be determined once I get the blocks made.

These are going to be put aside to be worked on after school starts.  I can work on the blocks after school or in the evening... they don't require a lot of though and my brain is usually fried after a day at school.

I am seriously thinking about making these with 30's prints and Kona natural....... somday.

Have a wonderful day!


KatieQ said...

Wow! That's an incredible amount of bow ties. It's even more amazing that you made the color combinations different.

Beth said...

What a lot of fun fabrics. It will be fun to watch this pile grow into a quilt come fall.

Andee said...

They look great! Mine are all together in a quilt top though a titch wonky since I switched machines and didn't think about my "quarter inch" that wasn't exactly a quarter inch! I still love it, but haven't had it quilted.