Monday, July 8, 2013

Today's Doins'

Today was the day to run errands and accomplish things.

Abby had to get pre-op blood work done as she will be getting her tonsils out on the 19th.  She isn't happy about it, but I told her better now than in the middle of a semester at college.

I took my laptop to Staples.  We found out there are two viruses on it and it needs a spa treatment. I lost some files last spring when it attacked my flash drive and all of you teachers out there will understand how much of a panic that caused.

I also bought two yards (yep, only two) of fabric that I am hoping will finish out a baby quilt for my husband's cousin who just announced they are expecting a girl in November.  It's amazing how many people around me are having babies... I didn't think the winter was that cold :-)

When we got home it was Napternoon time.  Smokey and I sacked out in the Lazy-boy until the phone rang and Erin told me she is going to be induced on Wednesday.  So in less than 48 hours I will be a Nana!!!!!!!

Last accomplishment before supper was going through quilting magazines and ripping out the patterns/instructions that I wanted to keep.  Needless to say I pulled all of Bonnie Hunter's patterns and mystery installments from Quiltmaker.  There were also quite a few from BHG and McCall's.  I don't save them all.... as it is I won't be alive long enough to make them all.

Tonight will be an evening to work on my Grandmother's Flower Garden hexies.

Hope you had a well accomplished day as well!


Amy said...

Can't wait to hear about and see pictures of the grandbaby. You all will be in my thoughts, hoping for 10 fingers, 10 toes, and good health!

Beth said...

I bet that you are excited to have that baby arrive. I bet Erin is anxious.
I am glad that Abby is having the toncils out. I really struggled through the semester until summer arrived and I could get mine out. It will be a few days of pain but then no more sore throats.
Good luck to all.