Saturday, July 20, 2013

To be a Nana...

Abby, Beth, and Kevin came and visited a day
I am home after a week of being with Erin, her partner Lester, and my new grandson, Eddie.  He is a good baby... making all of those adjustments that new babies make.  I hated to leave but I have to have faith that the new mom and dad will learn to trust their instincts and realize that yes, they will make mistakes and think they are the worst parents in the world.

 The most important thing I told them was to realize that their lives, their routines, their needs, wants, and normality...well it is all on hold for a while.  Everything revolves around this new baby.

The funny part of the week was watching this squirrel try and stay cool with everyone else last week.

I miss my baby boy.  No one in my house is crying for Nana.  It feels so quiet here.


Amy said...

It was so wonderful of you to share your time and love with the new babes and parents. And excellent advice and knowledge; life as normal does go on hold for a time while the adjustments are made.
ADORABLE lil' boy, Nana! When is the next visit? :) And what will you do in the meantime to keep yourself busy? Finish up those socks?? :D

Beth said...

They were so lucky to have you there to help out. It is hard with that first baby.
Hope Abbey is doing ok

Alycia said...

Such a sweet little baby!!