Saturday, June 8, 2013

Obviously I had nothing to say....

Well it has been a while since I posted.  School is winding down.  Thanks to Hurricane Sandy and a few snow days we still have 1.5 days to put in.  It would have been nice if those two days for the storm had been forgiven by the governor, but he is very anti-education so we weren't holding our breath on that one.

Anyway..... here is my latest antique purchase.  This was purchased in Ebensburg, PA on the way home from picking up Abby from college.   I love it... simple and soft.

Tomorrow we take Abby back to school.  She is working at a theater camp for about 5 weeks.  I'll miss her of course.  Her twin comes home from Drexel on the 15th (they are on the quarter system).  With Skype and Facebook I don't think they really feel like they are apart, but I'm sure when Abby comes home in July, they will be inseparable for a while.

The weather is beautiful today, windows are open and a slight breeze is blowing.  Abby requested a strawberry pie before she goes back so it is in the fridge ready for supper.

I've been busy working on my cheddar bowties.  Only about 400 more to go.  I really need to start a larger project, just not sure what it will be.  I've got a huge stash of penguin fabric, and even though the 26 year old child said she has outgrown penguins... well, she might get one more quilt.  I'm thinking of cutting it all up into two-inch strips and making Bonnie Hunter's Pineapple Blossom.  I love that pattern.

Ok, back to the real world.  Have a great day and enjoy what you are doing wherever you are!


Amy said...

1.5! 1.5! 1.5! Cassie and I were cheering that all last weekend too. THEY. WILL. FLY!

Soooo excited for you! So close!
I am with you 100% on the Pineapple Blossom pattern! I've made two of them; one top just completed the other day. AND, I TOO was thinking it's such a great pattern to use with ANY type of fabric.

Whad'ya think? Wanna do a Pineapple Blossom "June" Quilt-along? We can put an invite out to see if others in our quilting circle are interested; otherwise, it'll be you and me! I'll have to think about colorways... scrappy; coordinated scraps; SOOO many options with that pattern!

I can't WAIT until afternoon on Tuesday for you!

Beth said...

Pretty 'new' quilt.
Sounds like you have been busy. A couple more days and you will have some free time hopefully. I bet you will be happy to have the girls at home for the summer.

Sara said...

Beautiful quilt - a great find. Enjoy your summer break when it finally comes. Bet the kids are really restless.

Katie said...

400 bowties and you "need" a larger project?? Am I missing something?? :-)

Melinda said...

How many bow ties are you making. I am only at 140 right now and trying to figure out how many I need. I am thinking a lot more.

Melinda said...

How many bow ties are you making. I am only at 140 right now and trying to figure out how many I need. I am thinking a lot more.