Sunday, June 9, 2013

A day well spent......

We took Abby back to IUP today.  She is working at a  theater camp for about five weeks.  Yes it was hard taking her back, but we go to get her twin at Drexel next weekend.

Isn't this picture amazing?  Can you imagine one end of your house entirely covered by a rhododendron?  When we went to get Abby in May it wasn't in bloom, and you can see in this one the blooms are almost all off the bush.  I cannot fathom what it looks like in full bloom.... and all of the bees buzzing around drinking in the nectar.

On the way home, we stopped in Bedford, PA.  Not intending to go browse the antique shop in town, well........ I found a few scrumptious quilts, and yes, one came home with me.

The hexagon quilt was incredible.  See how almost all of the flowers on the one side are the same?  The one that would have completed the row is on the other side.  I love the way the quilter finished on the edges with half flowers... and in the corners with quarter flowers.  This one was labeled as coming from Blair County, PA... but was out of my price range and did not come home with me.  I also loved the light blue and white one.  I found it, and it's friends, folded in PLASTIC bags!!!!! It didn't come home with me either.

What came home?  This beautiful Tree of Life.  I can't quite figure out if the tan was once a darker tan or a yellow.  And the quilting is really wonderful... lots of vines, leaves, and grapes.

Finally, I took some geeky pictures of the windmills  with the telephoto lens.  I don't know why they fascinate me.... they just do.

 I hope you all had a good weekend also.  Only 1.5 days of school left... and I am so looking forward to the end.


Amy said...

I'm cheering you on all the way to the finish girl! You're ALMOST there!!! And it'll be SO WORTH the perseverance of the next 1.5 days :)

Paula, the quilter said...

Sometimes a green fabric will fade to a tan. Lovely quilt.