Saturday, May 4, 2013

What's happening....

The weather is warming up, so my students are getting squirrelly.  They aren't the only ones I suppose.  Yesterday during Social Studies I took them out into the courtyard to sit at the pic-nic tables and do their work.. I think they enjoyed being out in the fresh air.

Last week was my birthday, and Abby and Beth sent me this lovely Edible Arrangement.  It was nummy!!!  The reason they did is that a few years ago, when Kevin sent me one at school for our anniversary, I had brought it home and low and behold two little 'mice' had eaten most of the fruit before Kevin and I had had a chance to munch.

So on the card for this one it said "because we at the last one".  I love my girls.

I've also been working on bowties.  So far I have 250 made and more to come  I'm sure there are fabrics in the cabinet that I haven't cut into yet and could use in a bowtie... and who knows, maybe I will.  I have to get more cheddar and knowing that the dye lot would be different I hesitate to do so.  But then I think.... quilters from the old days didn't worry about dye lot so why am I?

Finally, while pinning bowties in stacks of 10, Smokey was staring at me.  She looks possessed... it creeps me out a little bit.

Have a great day!

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Beth said...

That fruit looks yummy. Nice of the 'mice' to send it. LOL
Those bowties are looking great. How many are you going to make?