Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kevin's words.....

Happy Birthday..... again :)

There was an estate sale today across from school.  Kevin got there at about 4:30; I was scoring a volleyball game.  Our one and only mission was to check out the treadle machine.  He had actually done a little research before hand, printing out some information and serial number list so he could narrow down the date.

It's a Model 27-4 according to the book, but what I found, with the decals that are on it, is a Model 127 which replaced the 27 around 1910.  It has a Vibrating shuttle.  There are about three boxes of stuff in the drawers so we need to go through that and the manual is there also, though not in the best of shape.

So for the bargain price of $22.50, in the cabinet, it came home with us.

Anyway, I just think he's cool.  We are considering the name Isaac, for Mr. Singer himself.

I love my husband!!!!


quiltfool said...

Isaac is just like my 127, tho Isaac's decals look in better shape. I hope you love him as much as I do. They are great workhorses. Lane

Beth said...

What a guy. And great machine. (Does the cat know about it yet?) LOL

Suzan said...


Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Hahaha, you bought it!!!! Congratulations on your new baby, it's beautiful!

I was sick to my stomach last night as two of my favorite sewing machines have come up missing. I have (had?) a bi-centennial featherweight and a 301A, both machines I enjoy piecing on that I can't find. :( I think it's time to call TLC Hoarders!!! I have too much stuff, I can't find anything!

Katie said...

Gorgeous! :-)