Monday, April 1, 2013

Day off accomplishment......

Today is a day off.  We lost most of our Easter/Spring break because of Hurricane Sandy and snow days so I decided to make as much of a day to sew as possible.

I don't know about you, but sometimes my clutter gets ahead of me and I have to take an hour to clean up.  So that was first on the list.  The sewing room needed some work.  I even re-arranged, again, and I'm liking what I did.  It was nothing more than switching the cutting table and the ironing board... but that's beside the point.

I pulled out the blocks for Beth's movie print quilt.  This is Bonnie Hunter's "Jared Takes a Wife" pattern.  I made Abby's owl quilt over this pattern also.  I love the way it looks when it comes together.          
While working on this one today I played Bonnie's archived Quilt Cam on Youtube.  I guess it is psychological. but having someone talking and sewing is such an inspiration.

So I have the sashing on all the blocks and the stones on all of the sashing pieces that go in between the block rows.  I can work on this a little at a time in the evening.

Back to school tomorrow, but I"m off Friday and will be attending the state Geography Bee in Gettysburg.

Have a great week!


Sara said...

I enjoyed my day off by sewing too. Felt really good to have this time to myself. We have only had 1 snow day this winter so I have missed any good blizzard sewing. And since my work takes me into several schools I didn't get a spring break. But today was good.

Your blocks are really sharp looking and form an interesting secondary pattern.

quiltfool said...

A great block, very well executed. A geography bee. that actually sounds intriguing and fun. Probably the first time. Enjoy it. Lane

Beth said...

Love that block. The quilt will be awesome. Glad you had a sew day.