Saturday, March 9, 2013

Treadle On!!!


Kevin brought Duncan up out of the basement.  We are trying to figure out where to place him. I don't want him in the front window because of the afternoon sun, and we have to make sure something goes on top so Smokey doesn't hack up a furball on top of the case.

Anyway, he sits in the middle of the living room floor and Kevin is taking him for a test drive.  Needless to say the learning curve has set in.

I'm sure when Miss Bonnie gets here in April for her visit to Chambersburg Quilt Guild, she will have him running in no time flat.

But Kevin was wondering........ if we hook up a flux capacitor and get to 88 stitches per minute will we be transported back to 1926???

Quilty Hugs!


Beth said...

LOL. We have a treadle in the shop, but it is frozen up. I sure would like to get it going and try it out. You have to keep us up to date on Duncan.

Tracy said...

I love the tv in the background with the treadle in front of it! If only our ancestors could've known what the future held!

Katie said...

What fun! Mine still sits idle. Bad me.

Kate said...

Looking good!!! I don't think I would have the patience!!!

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the laugh. My question is do you create better leg muscles by treading?