Sunday, February 10, 2013


I need one.  I so need one.

No longer can I find something in the sale bin and say "That will make a great border on a scrappy quilt".
  No longer can I lust after fat quarter bundles.
No longer can I say "What if someone has a baby....I'll have to make a quilt"
No longer.............. 

Oh for heaven sake...seriously????? Where did all of this come from?

I'm thinking I need to price it and sell some of it.  Is Etsy the way to go?  Is it worth it?

So enjoy the visual of my insanity.


regan said...

I think you should just get another cabinet to put it all in. And get a really big one, so there is some room for new fabric! lol

But if selling it is really a must, then I would just do it on your blog! No fees, no hassle, and everyone will see it! Like the yard sales that Bonnie was doing a while back. They totally worked.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

I've been trying to start on my sewing room all weekend....all i find are things i want to finish or begin...not getting the job done.. :(

Anonymous said...

Do you have any Eye Spy charms in your vault that you might want to share? I'm thinking I want to make little man an eye spy quilt.


Susan said...

Ok, deep breath. And again. Repeat after me: One quilt at a time.

(And then you can come and organize my stash)

Erin O. said...

I agree; organize and sew!! If you saw what I inherited from my mom plus my stash you would be shocked. I never need anymore fabric yet I still buy it! And yes, I plan on using every scrap!!

You could always sell or give it to a new quilter. I did that with tons of my fabric and they were so appreciative because of the initial cost as well as increase price of cotton.

Anonymous said...

I would keep it. You won't get what you paid for it and it would cost more to replace it. Just organize it and start using it. Start your quilt from fabric in the stash and only add to it if you have to. You could cut the smaller pieces into strips and block sizes you normally use. And save the larger pieces for pieced backings. It is surprising how much stash fabric can be used in a pieced back.

Wendy said...

I think you just need more storage!:) You will use it someday! And if you sell or give it away you will just need to replace it all! So just add more storage and continue on.

Beth said...

I so understand. I work in a quilt shop. Very dangerous. I donated some fabric I knew I would never use and sorted to rest and put it away. I am trying hard not to buy any fabric except to finish quilts that I already have started.

Katie said...

Well good luck. I can never part with anything!

quiltmom said...

Ah we quilters are such wonderful collectors of fabric- I just love it - you have some wonderful pieces that are just waiting for the right project.
I am grateful that I have collected quite a stash. The fabrics just keep going up in price so I am trying to use what I have for the most part anyway. Every now and then I get taken in by the desire to make a quilt with the fabrics shown - not often but on occasion.
Happy quilting, Nancy,

Carol said...

Nah. Just organize your storage system. You will be amazed at what you will be able to stash away and how small it could all look.

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