Saturday, February 2, 2013

Culling, cleaning, and grading....

I spent some time last week cleaning out my Google reader blog list.  I had to.  I wasn't reading all of them anyway and barely reading those I truly wanted to keep up with.  Time is limited, and I want to make the most of what I have.

What's on the agenda this weekend???

Well, the realization that the girls are back at college has hit home and I cleaned the bathroom and emptied the dishwasher this morning.  Why they didn't train the cat to do these chores is beyond me.  Running the 'sucky-thing' has to be done at some point.... don't think the cat was trained on that either.

I have reports to grade for school.  I managed to get 11 done the other night.... totally amazed me.  This is a learning process for them.... and some have more to learn than others.

Tomorrow there is a sale at the LQS.  I need to get some more red and grey fabric to work on Beth's quilt, so I have made myself wait for the sale.  I'm hoping that they still have the fabric I am using.

Supposedly we are waiting for some snow.  The sky doesn't look like snow, but who knows.  And I'm waiting to hear from Abby.... she and some friends went to Punxsatawney to see the groundhog this morning.

Have a good day everyone!!!!

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Beth said...

My DDs did not train the dog to do household chores either. Now that I think about it they didn't do chores either. Hmmmm It is still a bit hard for me without them around.
Thank goodnes for all my quilty projects.
Happy stitching