Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happy Birthday.... three months early

Today was the day we took Abby back to IUP (Indiana University of PA).  After we got her settled back in, Kevin and I left campus and stopped at the Goodwill story.  I managed to pick up a pile of men's shirts to debone for a future quilt.

Then, Kevin mentioned that he knew of an antique mall/flea market and wanted to know if I wanted to stop.  Sure, why not.... I doubt we will be having school tomorrow with the wintery sleet, ice crud that is supposed to hit tomorrow morning... I wasn't in a hurry.

OH my!!!!!!  Look what I found.  Needless to say I took a picture and texted a friend of mine. When I told her the price and what was visibly wrong with it, she gave me a counter offer price.  So we walked around the rest of the mall and then went back to the booth.  I offered a lower amount... knowing the money I was going to have to put into it and the water stain and other damage to the wood.  The booth owner countered with the exact amount that I was told to offer.  I felt like I was on Market Warriors (check it out on PBS).   The manual was in the drawer too!

Tada!!!! I now own a treadle.  My mother had one, it was her mother's.  But when my parents divorced (my mother was an alcoholic) I don't know what happened to it.  I think she probably sold it.

So if not over the next couple of months, this will be a summer project.  I'll use Murphy's oil soap on the wood, and to clean the machine itself with sewing machine oil and a soft cloth.

He/she was bought in Duncansville, PA... so I thought about the name Duncan. But I don't have to decide that now.


Beth said...

Happy Birthday early! Duncan is a beauty. A bit of cleaning will work wonders. A friend of mine has a treadle she has offered me and I do think I will take her up on the offer. Not sure I can guide fabric and work my feet at the same time. LOL

Michelle said...

wow...great find! Can't wait to see him all gussied up! :) I wondered if you were the "Nancy" Bonnie mentioned on quilt cam yesterday. :)

Katie said...

LOL Am I the only one who doesn't name their sewing machines??? I must be weird. :-)

Wendy said...

love your new machine. Such a beauty!