Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to spend a snow storm...

Well we survived mother nature yesterday.  We only received about 4 inches of snow once it was all said and done, but they say another storm is headed our way for Saturday.  I, for one, am happy they are coming this week so we don't lose any more days at school.

Anyway, how did I spend the storm?  I worked on Rick Rack Nines from Bonnie Hunter's book "Adventures with Leaders and Enders".  All of the 9-patches were from leaders and enders I used at the beginning and end of other projects.  And I am making more while working on this one.  I'm really enjoying this one and I hope to get the center done today - maybe even get the borders put on.

The back will be something I 'had to have' and now will never use in a quilt top.  I figure it's scrappy so that back doesn't really matter.

Oh, and Smokey?  Well let's just say we need to have a discussion with her about catnip.  It really knocks her out.

Have a super quilty day!


Quilter Kathy said...

Sounds like the perfect way to enjoy a snow storm... sewing and napping! Enjoy!

regan said...

Your Rick Rack Nines looks great! I love that pattern, and have it on my list of leader/ender projects. They accumulate so fast! I love that! Sweet kitty......yep, everything in moderation......even for kitties! lol

Michelle said...

Love that's coming together nicely. I love leader/enders! I think Smokey has the right idea...well, the napping anyway. :)

Beth said...

Your quilt looks awesome. I think sewing sounds like the perfect way to wait out a snowstorm.