Friday, December 28, 2012

Easy Street Update....

Bonnie posted Part 6 of Easy Street this morning, so I decided to get it finished before tackling my Rick Rack Nines quilt top again.  I keep taking the pieces out of the box and trying to figure out where they are going to go.

 I see the turquoise squares with the purple triangles as star points, but I can't figure out what would go in the middle... the green squares just don't look right.

My next thought is that the green squares go with the grey/b&w four patches.

I know... Amy has already told me to be patient, so be patient I will.

How fast will New Year's Eve get here?????????

Have a Super Quilty Day!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I know right! It's so nice of Bonnie to post the next clue on New Years Eve! Maybe we'll zoom to a finish before needing to head back to classes.

Michelle said...

LOL...I can't visualize the finished product either. She's sooo good at keeping it a secret! Only two more days for the next clue!