Sunday, December 2, 2012

Auction Day

It's been a long time since I went to an estate sale.  We used to go when Erin was little, and she is 26 now.  I can remember giving her a blank index card and she would put it up now and then like she was bidding.  The auctioneers knew it was all in fun.

Yesterday Kevin and I went to an estate sale.  The main goal was to look at and maybe bring home a Bernina 1080.  It doesn't hurt to have a spare machine.  Of course, the furniture, which it was placed with in the cabinet, wasn't sold until after 1 pm.  So we sat through all of the household items in the morning.  It was COLD.... even in the building.

I made it home with some pyrex/corning wear casserole pieces and a larger granite roaster.  I figure if I never use them, I can pack them away for the girls when they move out and set up housekeeping.  We also managed to pick up two end tables that were made by a man Kevin knew growing up.  For what we paid we couldn't have bought the walnut that was in them.  Needless to say he is very proud of his purchase.  And, it has only taken us 26 years to get matching end tables in the living room.

I often wonder about estate sales.  It must be difficult to sit and watch your entire life be auctioned away to people... many of whom are total strangers.  Then I think about all the 'stuff' that I have accumulated.  I really need to go through it.

Oh, the Bernina??? I was going to bid it up to about $300-350.  It went to a nice Mennonite lady for $650.  Unfortunately, some of the feet and bobbins went with the notions in the household goods.

Today... I sew on Step 2 of Easy Street with Bonnie Hunter.

Have a great day!


regan said...

I love going to auctions! You can find the most unique stuff! There's one in our area, where the items go for very reasonable prices. I guess it's whatever the auctioneer is willing to drop down to. The other to auctions in our area are way overpriced on everything. You just can't touch it! So I don't even bother with those auctions anymore. I like the fun/unique stuff for little money! lol

Recently, one of the auctions was from a local lady who had passed away recently. Her husband was clearing out all the 'stuff' she had, including her little gift shop on the side of the house. It was amazing how much stuff she had accumulated.....and at first I thought it was a little weird/sad, but then I realized her hubby is moving on, getting rid of all the clutter of stuff, and making a tidy sum in the process, to help pay the oil bills this winter! So, I've changed my thinking about it. It all good!

Sorry you didn't get your Bernina, but the other stuff sounded good!

regan said...

Oh my....I'm typing faster than my brain can think! That should have read 'other two auctions' and 'It's all good.'

Cripes, I sounded like an idiot! lol