Monday, December 31, 2012

Easy Street Update.....

We interrupt your regularly scheduled quilt project (still haven't gotten the borders on Rick Rack Nines) to bring this news bulletin on Easy Street.

All caught up.... bring it on Miss Bonnie!!!!!  Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Freyr the Snowstorm...

Ok, the first thing I have to ask is... when did they start naming snowstorms???? Seriously... are we going to start naming earthquakes?????

Now that I have that off my chest... the snow has stopped.  Kevin, Abby, and Beth are out blowing and shoveling the snow of driveways, so once again I take the opportunity to clean up.

The Christmas tree is wrapped up and put up in the attic.  It's only 4 feet tall and it's pre-lit, so we just wrap an old sheet around it and 'poof' it's ready to sleep for the year.  I think that there is some genetic predisposition to vacuuming after the tree comes down.. you know, all those needles the tree loses?  Even though we don't lose needles, I have to vacuum.  So the furniture has been moved and at least one cat's worth of fur and one kid's worth of long red/brown hair has been sucked up.  Not to mention all the thread bunnies I have managed to create.

Of course the sewing room got a good once over in all this... and yes, once again I did rearrange.  I think I'm ADD.... I can't keep things the same for very long.  I did put a couple of things up on the attic that I really didn't need down here, went through some patterns I had ripped out of magazines and decided what to keep, and re-stacked fabric on the shelf. When am I going to use all of this (and I bought more last night).

I did manage to get the center of Rick-Rack Nines put together and have the measurement for the first border.  Cutting might be a tonight activity or will wait until Monday.  We hope to take our annual trip to Barnes and Noble tomorrow.

Hope you had a super quilty day!!!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Easy Street Update....

Bonnie posted Part 6 of Easy Street this morning, so I decided to get it finished before tackling my Rick Rack Nines quilt top again.  I keep taking the pieces out of the box and trying to figure out where they are going to go.

 I see the turquoise squares with the purple triangles as star points, but I can't figure out what would go in the middle... the green squares just don't look right.

My next thought is that the green squares go with the grey/b&w four patches.

I know... Amy has already told me to be patient, so be patient I will.

How fast will New Year's Eve get here?????????

Have a Super Quilty Day!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

How to spend a snow storm...

Well we survived mother nature yesterday.  We only received about 4 inches of snow once it was all said and done, but they say another storm is headed our way for Saturday.  I, for one, am happy they are coming this week so we don't lose any more days at school.

Anyway, how did I spend the storm?  I worked on Rick Rack Nines from Bonnie Hunter's book "Adventures with Leaders and Enders".  All of the 9-patches were from leaders and enders I used at the beginning and end of other projects.  And I am making more while working on this one.  I'm really enjoying this one and I hope to get the center done today - maybe even get the borders put on.

The back will be something I 'had to have' and now will never use in a quilt top.  I figure it's scrappy so that back doesn't really matter.

Oh, and Smokey?  Well let's just say we need to have a discussion with her about catnip.  It really knocks her out.

Have a super quilty day!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Latest UFO finish......

Last summer, my goal was to get some tops and backings ready to quilt so that when Donna had time to put one into her plethora of customer quilts, one would be done and I could scratch it off the list.

This is the latest finish.  These churn dash blocks were from an on line swap EONS ago. The center sat and sat until I decided to use up a 30's print jelly roll I had gotten on the flying geese.  It is 103" square.  Not sure if this one will stay home or go with a child.... but for now it has a home on the pile on top of the cedar chest.

Weather maker #2 has arrived in full force, so  I was unable to take the picture outside.  We will probably get more rain and slop than snow.  Then we await #3 on Saturday.

Have a super quilty day!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My first adventure into string piecing....

Today was quilt cam day with Bonnie Hunter.  I had been at school getting plans done and just made it home for the beginning of it.  So since I didn't really have anything to work on, and Bonnie was string piecing, I decided to give it a try.

I have been saving my un-used book order forms from school for foundations as the paper is thin and hopefully easy to rip out.  I just grab some strings and started sewing.

I am pleased.  Not sure what I'm going to do with it, probably just quilt it and hang it up or something.

Anyway, I can stop singing "like a virgin" now... I've done ventured into string piecing.

Have a good day!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Easy Street Parts 2 and 3

So, there is one bright spot in the hubby being away playing Civil War all weekend.  I was able to get parts 2 and 3 done in Easy Street.

The purple doesn't look very purple in this picture, but I'm really liking this so far.

Now... I wonder if part 4 is going to introduce the lime green

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Auction Day

It's been a long time since I went to an estate sale.  We used to go when Erin was little, and she is 26 now.  I can remember giving her a blank index card and she would put it up now and then like she was bidding.  The auctioneers knew it was all in fun.

Yesterday Kevin and I went to an estate sale.  The main goal was to look at and maybe bring home a Bernina 1080.  It doesn't hurt to have a spare machine.  Of course, the furniture, which it was placed with in the cabinet, wasn't sold until after 1 pm.  So we sat through all of the household items in the morning.  It was COLD.... even in the building.

I made it home with some pyrex/corning wear casserole pieces and a larger granite roaster.  I figure if I never use them, I can pack them away for the girls when they move out and set up housekeeping.  We also managed to pick up two end tables that were made by a man Kevin knew growing up.  For what we paid we couldn't have bought the walnut that was in them.  Needless to say he is very proud of his purchase.  And, it has only taken us 26 years to get matching end tables in the living room.

I often wonder about estate sales.  It must be difficult to sit and watch your entire life be auctioned away to people... many of whom are total strangers.  Then I think about all the 'stuff' that I have accumulated.  I really need to go through it.

Oh, the Bernina??? I was going to bid it up to about $300-350.  It went to a nice Mennonite lady for $650.  Unfortunately, some of the feet and bobbins went with the notions in the household goods.

Today... I sew on Step 2 of Easy Street with Bonnie Hunter.

Have a great day!