Saturday, November 10, 2012

What am I reading.............

 As part of our 8th grade curriculum, we read The Giver, by Lois Lowry.  Honestly, I wasn't thrilled with this book the first time I read it, but when I taught it for the first time, I could see how it really makes my students think, and hopefully realize that things in our world could be really different.

As a companion book, Ms. Lowry wrote Gathering Blue.  I am all but done with it now and will pick up the third book, Messenger.  Her fourth book, Son, just came out, and it is waiting for me to read so that all of these stories will be tied together.

One question that always comes up from my students is "is the movie out?"  Unfortunately, no movie has been made.  I could see Jeff Bridges playing "The Giver"; his gruff face and beard would be perfect.

Back to my book..... have a wonderful weekend!


Darlene said...

I actually just got done reading these books and loved them. Still have to read "Son". They defintely make you think and appreciate the country we live in.

Erin O. said...

I too had mixed feelings the first time I read The Giver. I will have to go back and read the whole collection now. Thanks for reminding us of good school reads.