Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday in my house....

NO WAY on this planet was I going shopping.  The stress and headache are not worth the trouble.  I have been flipped off, yelled at, and had a sweater taken out of my hands during the holiday season and decided I'm going to do most of my shopping on line.

I did go out though.  The twins are back from college and Beth brought a sinus/ear infection with her.  So a trip to the doctor and pharmacy and we have an antibiotic.

I started working on Bonnie Hunter's new mystery, Easy Street.  I didn't read the directions and bought grey FQs in many different prints, but luckily had a piece of solid Kona grey in the stash that was big enough.  I'm liking the grey with the black/white prints.

Finally, we celebrated the twins' birthdays today before they go back to school.  Their day isn't until the 30th.. I can't believe they are going to be 19.  Abby received a Tardis hat, and Beth received a scarf similar to what Tom Baker wore when he was Dr. Who.

Hope you all had a safe, happy, and peaceful holiday!



Michelle said...

I'm not a fan of black Friday shopping either! My daughter would have loved both of those gifts you gave your daughters! I might have to pick one of them up for Christmas! LOL I made a little progress on the mystery...I'm loving the grey with the b/w. :)

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

I joined you in the Black Friday blackout :) No crazy shopping for me either, except for a run to the grocery store for some Spaghetti fixings at my Mom's house.
Great lookin' start to Easy Street. That may just be next on my to-do list