Tuesday, October 30, 2012


if one of these comes up out of the creek across the street.....

We have survived Sandy.  The basement stayed dry, the power stayed on.  No problems here.

Hugs and prayers to all who are recovering and to those still experiencing her to the west.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Before the power goes out....

Thinking positively here.  The winds have picked up, gusting now and then.  It's raining.... a lot.  I called Beth at Drexel and she said at one point the rain was falling horizontally.

Our schools are closed today and tomorrow.  Since I managed to get the bulk of the grading I needed to do finished on Saturday and taken back to school, today and tomorrow will be much needed fabric therapy days.

This is Bonnie Hunter's Jared Takes a Wife pattern.  She taught a class in Bedford, PA last July and my friend Belinda and I drove the hour west to see her and take part.  Some of you know that my daughter, Abby, loves owls.  I found this fabric last spring and of course bought it with no idea in mind as to what I was going to do with it.


I only have 11 blocks out of 30 made, they are coming slowly but surely.  I don't crank things out as fast as I used to.  Is that because I'm 50 and sitting there is hell on my back..... or because I just want to enjoy the time in my sewing room.  Slow and steady wins the race right?

Hugs to all in the path of the storm.  Sew while you can!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I don't know who painted this picture, but it seemed appropriate as she is looking out over the water.

After two days of eerily-still air, the breeze is starting to pick up and the air, surprisingly, has gotten a little cooler.  Being 50 I keep the window open at night just a smidge and around 2 am I noticed a more pronounced chill in the air.

I saw on the weather channel that the outer bands of rain have begun to fall to the southeast of us.  Needless to say I'm worried.  Our oldest, Erin, is now living west of Philadelphia and while she isn't in a flood-prone area, this will be her first big storm away from home.  So we told her to buy some water, get a cooler and some ice and fill the tub.  One of the twins, Beth, is a freshman at Drexel.  Not sure what the university is telling the students, but I have told her if she has to evacuate to call her sister and Erin is ready and waiting. In some ways I feel totally helpless, but I have to have faith that we raised them right and that they will be ok.

The projection map is saying Sandy will be over top of us on Tuesday. Does that mean a day off from school?  Who knows.  But if so, we make it up unless the governor forgives the time off.  That happened once many moons ago because of snow..and snow... and snow....

So for me today I plan on staying here with Kevin and getting some sewing done.  My friends, the Sundae Quilters, are getting together but I just don't have the uummph to get up and go.  I think the nesting gene has kicked in and I just want to stay close to home.  Maybe I'm waiting for the call from Beth to come get her... I don't know.

So to all of my blog friends that are further east... take care and hugs and prayers coming your way.  Perhaps it won't turn out as bad as they are predicting... one can only hope.

Quilty Hugs!

Friday, October 26, 2012


Doing the anti-hurricane dance.  I am so not liking the idea that we may lose days already and have to make them up.  Winter hasn't started yet!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yep, I read them....

and honestly, after I a while you just fast forward through 'the scenes'.

It's an interesting character study and a quick read.

Now for something more cerebral.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fabric Therapy Day the Bonnie Hunter Way

It has been many days since I have allowed myself some seriously needed fabric therapy.  Of course, one reason it happened is because I stayed at school yesterday until 6 pm.  As they say when you are on a roll........................................

Anyway back to the therapy.

Last year I had decided to work on an  Irish Chain (ala Bonnie) with all of my leaders and enders four-patch units.  Then I discovered Rick Rack Nines.  It has been calling to me and when fabric calls I have learned it is best to listen.

This has been an ongoing project, here and there when I have a few minutes.  Today was the day to really do some damage to all of those pieces.  I got all of the 9-patch units made, all of the set-in squares and triangles cut, and actually started on some rows.  Needless to say I'm pleased. It felt so good to commune with the sewing machine.

I shouldn't have quit though... as I sliced my thumb along with an onion getting a meatloaf ready for the oven.  But that is another story.

Hope everyone had a pleasant fabric filled day!