Saturday, August 18, 2012

My classroom

Back Language Arts side

Front Social Studies side

Front Language Arts side

Back Social Studies side
I thought you might like to see where I spend at least 180 days of the year, as mandated by the state of Pennsylvania.  I had some extra motivation to get it  ready early this year.  As some of you know our twins will be heading off to college this year and Abby will be the first to leave on August 25th.   

I teach two subjects, Language Arts and Social Studies, so the room is set up so that one subject is represented on each side.  

We have one week of summer break left.  We have two in-service days next week, and the students return on the 27th.  

I think I"ll go get some last minute sewing done.



Mary Anne Drury said...

Hi Nancy . The classroom looks great ! I know how you feel with the college countdown..... both of my boys go to Penn State. My youngest will be moving into an apt this year (he commuted from home last year to the Hazleton campus). My oldest is going into year 5 out at Main campus and had had an apt there for the past 3 years ..... so, as of Aug 25th (move in day) my nest will be empty (sob). I'll still be busy during the day working, but the evenings will be lonely. Oh well ....time just keeps marching on ..... rats.

Pat said...

The end of the summer is always tough. Where are the girls going? My daughter is due with her 2nd baby on September 26, so she will have to do her in-service days, prep her 5th grade classroom, and teach until that baby girl pops out. She is fortunate to be able to take the rest of the year off from teaching, although after a summer of being heavily pregnant and also chasing a 16 month old around, She's thinking teaching might be a relief -- at least she can sit down for part of the day!

Sara said...

This brought back wonderful memories of prepping my classroom. Now I do staff development. Lead in services at 3 different schools last week. Have one more this week.

Barb said...

Enjoy your last minute sewing!!!

Barb said...
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scraphappy said...

So sad to see the end of summer. We have been back for 8 days so far and are well into the swing of things. Just 172 more to go:)! Pretty classroom -- looks like you are all set up.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Boy, that looks like a LOT of chairs! What is your typical student count?

So neat and orderly right now..... I always enjoy it when the students' work starts filling up the walls :) This year, though....I'm thinking of hanging a "makes-me-feel-good" quilt on my walls! :)

Dare I ask---how many times have you flunked and stayed in the same grade now??

Carla said...

At least you still have 180 days of school. Just received updated district calendar, 8 additional furlough days added to our girls' already furlough laden high school schedule. We are down to 161 school days now. I don't know how the district gets away with it.... Carla in CA