Friday, August 24, 2012

Ch - Ch - Ch- changes............

Ok so much for channeling David Bowie, but changes are happening in this house and while they say change is good, for me, well, I have some mixed feelings to deal with.

First on the list?  Summer is over and school is starting.  My mind has switched gears now and my sewing room has been lonely for about a week.  My classroom, on the other hand, has been quite well visited.  I think I have everything ready but I will, knowing me, want to go in on Sunday just to make sure.  The kids will arrive at 7:15 am Monday morning, and I don't want to leave anything to chance.

Second?  Our oldest, Erin, is moving from Martinsburg, WV to Philadelphia.  She is a lawyer, currently working as a clerk for a federal magistrate judge.  The appointment was only for one year so beginning in September she will be starting a new two-year appointment as a staff attorney for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  We found out this week that all of her friends she had lined up to help her move decided to back out.  So Labor Day weekend will be spent moving her.

Finally... it is time to face the fact that my babies, Abby and Beth, need to leave the nest and head to college.  Today is being spent with laundry, packing, baking chocolate chip cookies - all to get ready to take Abby to Indiana University of PA tomorrow morning.  I know she will be ok, I know she will have wonderful experiences... but they are my babies.  This is it... no more ( I don't think the cat counts).  Thankfully Beth doesn't leave until September 19 (Drexel is on a quarter system)... so I don't go cold turkey, empty nest all at once - stay tuned for that tearful blog post.

Ok, I must go get some things done.  Have a great quilty day!  Please know that while I may not post or leave comments I am thinking of all of my blog friends.



Michelle said...

Changes are hard...and anticipating the empty nest is scary! I homeschooled for 12+ years, so when my last son went off to college, it was a big change after being around my kids 24/7. What did I learn? It wasn't as bad as the anticipation. LOL I miss them terribly and probably always miss those "kids," but I love seeing them grow into young adults and I'm excited to see what the future holds for them. :) Good luck...your quilty friends are always here to lend a shoulder or an ear.

quiltmom said...

It sounds like there will be lots of changes in your house this year. We have one son who moved to the other side of the country ( that is where his fiancee is from) It was quite the roller coaster of a year for us but we are beginning to adjust to the empty nest.
Sending you big cyber hugs as you and yours spread their wings.

julieQ said...

Change is so hard!! I miss my son so very much too, but know he is growing up and doing wonderfully, so it is all good! I know you feel the same, but it doesn't make it easier, does it?