Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quilt Odyssey

Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA was this past week/weekend. A friend of mine from our guild owns the show and she and her family always do a great job with it. There are always lots of lovely quilts and lots of goodies in the vendor mall. I managed to get out of the vendor mall with only nine fat quarters and a little something for Abby which will be squirreled away until Christmas (if I don't forget about it).

I didn't take a lot of pictures of quilts this year.  George Sicliano had a display of his miniatures... they always fascinate me.  There was also a display of Civil War era quilts, but I couldn't take pictures of those.  I think the quilt that captivated me the most was a pictorial of a little girl and her dog with cherry blossoms falling down around them.  I admire people that can and do make these types of quilts, but I know they will never be something that comes out of my sewing room.  There seemed to be more 'art' quilts rather than traditional quilts this year as well.

Of course, the high-light of my show experience was taking a class with Bonnie Hunter.  Way back in March, the classes opened on our guild meeting day.  By the time I got home her classes were closed (one of the ladies in the class said they closed within 15 minutes).  About a month ago, there was an email sent out that there were two spots in the Tumalo Trail class.... and I snagged one.  I did a lot of pre-class prep; got my strip sets sewn and sub-cut for my nine patches, and I cut the strips and HSTs with the Easy Angle as well.  Of course when you have all those pieces staring at you you have to make a couple of blocks (Which I don't have pics of yet).  I did manage to get the 388 nine patches done in class and that was my goal.  I also met a new friend, Susan, from Mt. Joy, PA.  We hit it off immediately... wonder if it is because we are teachers LOL.
Me, Bonnie, and Susan 

Happy Quilting!



Barb said...

What fun!! Lucky you...

Sherry said...

Really lucky you. . .

DH & I had sent in our registrations for the class by mail so that they would be there before the registration date. Neither of us got the class because they took on-line registrations first. Major disappointment since we've never had a chance to take a class with Bonnie.

We have had some nice times at the show. . .but it is a bit far for us to travel due to the gas and hotel fees.

Katie said...

What a great picture of the three of you! :-)