Wednesday, June 27, 2012

IUP... and other stuff

We spent Sunday and Tuesday taking Abby to IUP (Indiana University of PA) for her orientation. It is a lovely campus. Of course, living in Shippensburg and graduating from Shippensburg I tend to unconsciously compare everything to the campus at Shippensburg (how many times can I type Shippensburg in one sentence LOL). IUP sits on a higher hill than Shipp, and with all of the new suite dormitory buildings it looks much (higher). But the older part of campus is lovely, with lots of huge oak trees of different varieties. Jimmy Stewart is from Indiana; there is a statue of him downtown. Abby told me he went to the lab school on campus as a child. I think Shirley Jones is from Indiana also.

 Of course I took the new camera and got artsy with it. As many of you know my favorite color is RED, and I found a clump of the most beautiful, brilliant, red Bee Balm and had to climb up on the retaining wall to get some pictures. Now I have to find some place that carries it and plant it in my flowerbeds.

Also, on the way home we got to see many of the wind-turbines that have been placed in the hills of western PA.  I know, I'm a geek, and the picture isn't that great because it was taken with my phone.  When we take Abby up in August I'll get some decent shots with my camera (that is if I am not crying too much).

So that has been my week so far. Hope everyone else is having a wonderful week. The heat is slowly creeping in again, so the A/C is back on. Quilty Hugs!


Pat said...

Both of ny kids graduated from IUP -- wonderful school, and quite a bargain compared to private colleges/universities. The huge WalMart there became one of the places that we frequented. The first time I took my son to college, I spent an arm and a leg buying all of his toiletries to schlep to IUP. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I could buy the same stuff at better prices at that WalMart. I believe it was actually one of the first Super Walmarts in the country. Best of luck to her, and I hope she is as happy there as my kids were.

Susan said...

Congratulations to you and your girls upon their graduation! This is such an exciting time for all of you. We are done with the college orientations, but have moved on to junior year abroad and graduate school.

I'm wishing your daughter well and hoping she has a wonderful college experience.