Saturday, February 25, 2012

Take 2............

I went back for another round of cortisone shots yesterday and this time I got a wrist brace to help me remember to not use this arm as much. Needless to say, my hexies and any other hand sewing/quilting is going to be put on hold. I think I can sew at the machine .... will just have to remember to use the left hand to iron.


Hope you are in one piece and having a good day. Happy Quilting!


Beth said...

UGH. that looks painful. And like a pain in general. Hope the shots work. Feel better soon.

Michelle said...

Awww...hope you heal fast! At least you can still use the machine!

Gari said...

Several years ago I pulled a muscle in my right arm and almost couldn't use it. I found a brace similar to yours and used it for almost 3 months while my arm healed. I still have it and use it sometimes when I am quilting a pantograph as I tend to turn my wrist oddly and the brace keeps me from doing it. I learned to love my brace.

Katie said...

Well that's no fun!!

Sherry said...

I just read the other day (on-line but don't remember where -- Yahoo! news perhaps?) that right handed & left handed people think differently.

That, being left handed myself, I knew.

But what got me is the section where it said that research has shown that people that lose the use of their dominant hand start thinking in the opposite way the more they become used to using their other hand.

So, if ironing with your "other" hand makes you start looking at quilts differently don't get alarmed. . . .you're brain is just getting re-wired!

Hope you are back up to normal speed soon.