Sunday, October 30, 2011

What do you do with a Fat Quarter Bundle... and thank you :o)

I ordered a Dogwood Fat Quarter bundle the other day. I have a couple of other bundles in the sewing room as well. Now I'm wondering what to do with them?

So I'd like your input. Do you have a specific pattern or book you like? Or is it more of a 'just go with it' attitude? Knowing me I'm over thinking this.

A couple of people have emailed me to check in and make sure I'm still here. As you can see I am. The snow came and went yesterday and while we were without power for seven hours we survived. Hubby hooked up the generator to the fridge and a space heater. I think the girls are even more happy that mom makes quilts now.

Back to all of the school stuff I was going to do on the computer yesterday.

Have a good one!


Barb said...

Oh...I wish I had an idea for you....I love the fabrics...

quiltingnana said...

admire them for a while....then go with it

Tracy said...

Let us know what you decide to do with the FQ packs...I am a total sucker for them and have so many packs it's ridiculous. Other than a Turning Twenty I have no ideas.

Katie said...

I'm terrible with packs like that. They are too pretty to cut into! LOL

Michele, a distracted quilter said...

What a lovely bundle of fabrics.

Yellow brick road by Atkinson Designs is a quick and easy one to use up some fat quarters. If you want to use large squares of pretty fabrics, you could look at

I also like making multiples of the same simple block like a Sister's Choice, churn dash, or Star using different combinations of the fabrics.

Kritta22 said...

Have you tried moda bakeshop? That's my favorite. You can search by the 'ingredients' so only fat quarters come up.

To be honest, I have to have a pattern in mind to buy a fat quarter bundle. My budget can't afford one sitting around. Lol