Sunday, September 18, 2011

Check in time........

Tomommor begins the fourth week of school..... that is so hard to believe. Mid-terms are the week of October 3rd... I can't believe we are almost through the first half of the first marking period. We have a really good group of kids this year and I'm looking forward to working with them.

Well to make that official, the upper respiratory crud is making its way through school.... and I'm fighting it. So far so good.

I try to work on my hexies each evening... or almost each evening. I did get two blocks sewn last night for the Christmas block exchange at guild. Felt good to get my hands on the machine.

So today I spent napping, grocery shopping, and reading the latest Bennie Harper quilt mystery "Spider Web"... I want to get this read, I really enjoy Earlene Fowler's books.

Ok, I'm off to read.



Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Thanks for the check-in, Nanc!
The "crud" has hit here too; never fails with the petri-dish syndrome that hits every September. ;0)

Happy week #4!

Quilter In Paradise said...

a new Benni Harper - I'm so out of touch! love her stuff -- get rest, drink lots of juice, don't let them breathe on you :)
stay healthy
Beth in Dallas

Sara said...

I am also a. Bennie Harper fan. Love the books. Various crud has hit here too. My office is next door to the school nurse. So every sick kid in school passes by.

Julie Fukuda said...

I have put that book on my list for the next time I go to the states ... and by then, I might be able to find a used copy.
Teachers here know about the crud.
By the time it goes through the school, there will be a holiday and the kids will all return with a new version of crud. I can just about guess when it hits the teachers and subbing gets busy.

quiltmom said...

I don't know what it is about schools and crud but we get the same here in Alberta. I have always chalked it up to my little kids but I know you work with older kids.. I have the standard scratchy throat and cough that I did not have over the summer - so far no runny nose... My friend who teaches 3rd grade had a run of it last week- It is something about schools I guess...
I love benny harper- I didn't know she has a new one- I will have to check it out at our library.
Have a good week and hope you stay away from the germs.

Sherry said...

Just popped in to see if there was anything new. . . . hope you are feeling much better.

Look forward to new posts when you get a chance.