Monday, August 1, 2011

I want this book......

Why do I want this book?

As a history major and quilt lover it will be an great read.  But mainly because of this quilt. It's HEXAGONS (I think I'm obsessed with them). Isn't that awesome? Will I ever make it????

I can dream can't I? (There are way too many question marks in this post).

You can read all about the evolution of this beautiful quilt at Gum Valley Quilts.  The gal's name is Linda and she lives in Victoria, Australia.  I am awestruck!

I can't find the book at the usual haunts, Amazon or Barnes and Noble. If any of my Aussie friends would be willing to purchase a copy and send it to me, I will gladly send fabric or a copy of my guild's documentation book of our local quilts or we can figure something else out.


Beth said...

Looks like a great book. I love the hexies.

Anonymous said...

I own the book and it is available from Dr Annette Gero direct but the cost of this book is about $ 120 Australian dollar plus postage and very heavy.

I bought mine at a show last year when it first came out and paid on special $ 89

Maybe google it and get on to Annette direct.
I saw the quilt as I flew to Melbourne and yes wow, the hexagons are 1/4


Ann-Maree said...

Your best bet is to get it straight from the author herself it's not a cheapie and a huge hardcover book..but it does have about 29 full patterns drafted by Kim McLean. You won't be sorry! regards Ann-Maree in Sydney

Michelle said...

Wow...I just read about that hexagon quilt! That is amazing! Good luck locating the book!

Barb said...

I am guessing you will not stop your search...good luck finding and getting the book, it looks wonderful! Great seeing and chatting with you at Quilt Odyssey, remember there was a beautiful quilt there with tiny hexies...I will watch for your hexie quilt :>) to be a winner!!

Anonymous said...

book is AU$120, and postage could be as much as AU$60

....but the book is AWESOME!!