Sunday, July 17, 2011

A win and some wings!!!

A few weeks ago, the Fat Quarter Shop had a giveaway for Amanda Murphy patterns. I won!!!!   Thank you so much to the FQS!!!!

I received a set of patterns in the mail the other day and they are adorable. Abby has looked at them and found a couple she likes.

The wings part of this post is a Swallowtail butterfly. One of them shows up at least once a summer and Kevin got a picture the other day.

Hope you are enjoying life in your part of the globe. It is going to be wicked hot here this week....bring on the autum temps!




Congratulations on your win. I love butterflies. Yep it is super here where I am. Try to stay cool.

Katie said...

I had a swallowtail too! I just didn't know that's what it was called. Thanks! :-)

Pauline said...

Hi nancy, what a great butterfly pic....and how lucky are you?? nice work

Julie Fukuda said...

I would never wish time away but the summer heat ... that's something else again. We have a lovely yellow swallowtail here in Japan too but the caterpillar's favorite (only) food is a plant that I also love and it will not support one greedy catterpillar.