Sunday, July 31, 2011

Quilt Odyssey 2011

The Sundae Quilters (and friends) made the annual trek to Quilt Odyssey to sell raffle tickets for our guild. Going in a group is great as we take turns seeing the show, shopping in the vendor village (Maragaret made up that name.. I love it), and selling tickets.

Here are a few pictures of the quilts that 'tripped my trigger'. I admire the people who can come up with these ideas and apply them to fabric... I think I'm destined to be a geometric quilter (thank you Miss Bonnie).

The Rainbow Star??? 12,256 hexagons (I estimated 3/4 inch hexies). Not in my life time LOL

Oh and the Chicken bag?? A woman and her daughter-in-law were sitting out front as we left and I absolutely fell in love with the chicken... and she designed it!!!! She also makes a flamingo.... how cool!



Barb said...

Thanks for the pictures...hope you sold alot of raffle tickets and had fun! sorry I could not be there.

Susan said...

Nancy, I forgot to respond to your earlier post about going to Quilt Odyssey. I was there on Saturday and sold tickets for my guild's raffle quilt in the afternoon (we had the Civil War reproduction quilt). I thought those Christmas quilts were amazing, especially the one with the reindeer names on the side. I forgot my camera, as usual.

Pat said...

Did you by any chance get the name of the person who designs the bags? Does she sell patterns?

sunny said...

Did I win? I hope I didn't buy my raffle ticket from you and didn't know it. I was there on Friday.

Michele said...

I really liked the owl quilt too. Our guild had a quilt IN the show, but I don't think we were selling tickets - probably not enough people signed up to white glove.