Friday, July 22, 2011

Leaders and Enders

Bonnie!! Bonnie!! Bonnie!!!!

I wouldn't call myself a scrappy junkie... nor a leader/ender nerd.... but I am trying. Today I spent some time putting together my 'twosies' to make 4-patches. I MADE 400!!!!!!  I know it is difficult to see in this pictures... but the drawer is almost full.

Holy moly!!! So I went through Bonnie's books and found that many of her quilts are made using 4-patches created with 2-inch squares. Ok.. now I have to decide which one to make.

If you smell something burning.. it's my brain trying to make a decision.



Tracy said...

If you keep this up Nancy you'll be out of fabric! Getting all your UFOs done and using up your scraps! I bow to the master!(and hang my head in shame!...I just bought 9-yes NINE yards of fabric...hey it was only $3.00 a yard! I just said "gimme the rest of the bolt"!!

quiltmom said...

That is too funny - look at all those patches that you have created. I will be interested to see what you make with them.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh yay Nancy! There are a few reasons I LOVE the L/E method; one of them being how a whole new quilt is getting finished while working on another. AND....when showing the L/E finish to non-quilters (speically one with all those 4-patches)----they are amazed that I spent all that time sewing those little units.
Can't wait to see what pattern(s) you decided on :0)

Michelle said... go girl! Those leader/enders are addictive, aren't they? Can't wait to hear which one you chose to do. :)

Alycia said...

Oh fun! I wonder what you will make?

Beth said...

Love those leaders and enders. So many ways to use them.
Like Tracy I went to a sale this weekend and bought 14 yards of fabric. That is really not the right direction, I am supposed to be using up fabric. I actually thought that at $3 a yard the fabric would make great backings.

Natalie said...

Bonnie spoke at my other quilt guild's meeting last month and her use of these types of 'scraps' is pretty inspiring (and super efficient!) Good luck finding a use for your 4 patches! You can always make a preemie quilt for NOVA Modern if they are 100% cotton.