Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yard Sale Part I

I spent some time destashing... I hope you find something you like. I can take PayPal (I'll send you my email address to make the payment) or a US money order. Please bear with me.... I'm learning :o)

Prices include Priority Mail shipping.  Overseas shipping may be more.

Loralie Teacher Border Print (3 yds)
6 FQs
2 Panels (one teacher missing from each panel)


3 yds Sorbet $15

7 yds Harvest Print from Wilmington Prints  

4-1/3 yds Mardi Gras Masks
1.5 yds Mardi Gras Beads  (Robert Kauffman)

Maywood Studios
5 yds Ornaments
1.75 yds dark green
(9) 1 yd each


Wendy said...

I would love the sorbet if no-one else has claimed it.....

Linda said...

Ooooh, the Harvest Print is absolutely stunning! If you'll ship to Canada I'll take it. Let me know!
Lurking Linda