Sunday, June 26, 2011

Retreat Weekend

How can one weekend go by so fast??!!!!

The Sundae Quilters got together for a retreat this passed weekend and while all of us couldn't be there we were together in spirit.

So much fun, laughter, food, joking, food, humor, food... did I mention food? We had enough to feed an army!!

Here is the group shot from Saturday. Across the top and down from left to right: Judie, Belinda Shelley (the retreat virgin); Fran and Lori (tucked in behind Tracy); Tracy, Marie, me; Carla (in yellow) Jeane (to my left) and Bonnie in front. Sophie, the camp managers dog, became an honorary member.

I have uploaded some more pics over at the Sundae Quilters blog; feel free to take a look.


Pat said...

What a great weekend!!

Linda said...

The picture definitely shows a group of happy quilting friends! I'm anxious to see more pictures!

pajudie said...

What fun we had, Nancy - my cheeks are sore from all the laughing!! And my scale reflects a couple of pounds from all the eating!! Looking forward to another getaway!!

Barb said...

What fun!!!