Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bernie is sick.... and I'm frustrated

Finally....... I have a Sunday to sit down and knock out a project and what happens.... the machine zonks on me!!!!

I was just meandering... and in the middle the bobbin thread was doing this (see picture)... so I just spent 30 minutes ripping it all out the middle of the quilt.  I had changed the needle in the middle of quilting and apparantly that took care of that problem but  I'll have to re-do it after Bernie comes back from the spa.

Before I found all of that on the back, I tried to make the binding... my feed dogs won't come back up.

Of course.... just as school is ending and I can sew without guilt. *SIGH*

Hope you are having a better day...


Barb said...

So sorry, it is extremely frustrating when you actually have time to sew and can't...hopefully, you will get her fixed soon.

Beth said...

That is why everyone needs a spare machine. Hope you are sewing agin soon.