Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I've managed to get two things completed since school let out.

The first is a baby quilt for my daughter's friend. I love the Turning 20 patterns... quick and colorful!  I love the way Abby holds it for the picture... don't you?

The second is a pattern from Judy Laquidara. I think she called it Bears in the Farmhouse or something like that. I'm calling mine "Bear-inagoddadavida".... remember the song? It's the 60's man!!

Ok, now what else can I get in to.

Quilty hugs!

Monday, June 27, 2011

For Sale

I'm still rearranging and cleaning out, and this fabric and book have moved at least half a dozen times in the last week. I suppose that is a sign that I am never going to make this.

The fabric package has never been opened. The project is the quilt to the left - the one draping down. It is called "Watermelon"; the book is by Barbara Brandenburg.

The fabric was originally $55; the book $20. So for $50 US (plus shipping) it's yours. Let me know if you are interested.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Retreat Weekend

How can one weekend go by so fast??!!!!

The Sundae Quilters got together for a retreat this passed weekend and while all of us couldn't be there we were together in spirit.

So much fun, laughter, food, joking, food, humor, food... did I mention food? We had enough to feed an army!!

Here is the group shot from Saturday. Across the top and down from left to right: Judie, Belinda Shelley (the retreat virgin); Fran and Lori (tucked in behind Tracy); Tracy, Marie, me; Carla (in yellow) Jeane (to my left) and Bonnie in front. Sophie, the camp managers dog, became an honorary member.

I have uploaded some more pics over at the Sundae Quilters blog; feel free to take a look.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Scrap box winners!!!!!

Abby has drawn our winners for the three boxes of scraps. I will email the winners for their addresses when I am finished here and hopefully get them in the mail tomorrow before going on my retreat.

Oh and that was Beth 'squealing' in the background.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Learning to let go....

Recently, whether in one of her books or on her blog, I read something written by Bonnie Hunter. It had to do with scraps and using them in a quilt. It is OK to put 30's fabrics with theme fabrics with Christmas fabrics with calico that is older than dirt fabric with.... well you get the idea.

Yesterday I went rooting through bins and I found leader/enders that I had been saving. Some were Christmas four-patches, for that Christmas scrap quilt I was going to make how many years ago. Then there were the 30's pieces, for that 30's scrap quilt. If they aren't made yet, they aren't going to happen.

So after some reassurance from Kevin, I put all of them together in one box and will put them into a totally scrappy quilt. I can't save all of this anymore for 'this project' or 'that project'.

This is like AA for quilters, people!!! I've decided it is part of my 12-step intervention program!!!

So yes, I'm Nancy.... and I'm a fabricaholic. There, it's said and I can learn to let go and put it all together.

Now if only giving up Coca-cola was that easy.

Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My drawers are full....

That got your attention didn't it (hehehe);  But as you can see.... they are.

And these are my leader/enders from 2-inch squares... and there are more to come. I also have 2.5-inch squares to mess with.

And this is a scrappy project that I totally forgot about .... it must be 2-3 years old and will be going to my retreat with me this weekend.

So what is this Flat Rate Priority box??? It's fabric... actually I have three of them. I have filled them as far as I can (cause the PO says they have to be full but not over). I don't have time to cut all this into strips and you saw my drawers... where would I put it???

So let's have a GIVEAWAY (USA only please). If you like scrappy, and you want to cut it all up, it's yours. Please leave a comment... I'll draw three names on Thursday, June 24.

I know this will go to a good home..... just not mine. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer break is here.......

....and with it summer jobs.

Yesterday was spent at school for my contract option day. Having fulfilled that, I will not have to go in on the November 30th In-service day next year.

Today's task was strawberry jam. I make it with the low-sugar Sure-gel.... yummy!!! I know I've posted about this before (it's an annual thing).   Abby helped so very much.... and we even drafted Phil, her boyfriend.  Even Smokey approves!!!

Having started with 16 quart, we still have three sitting on the counter waiting to be capped and munched on. The other 13 are in these jars and in one freezer bag for ice cream on Father's Day (another yum!).

Hopefully going to get some sewing/quilting in this week. Need some fabric therapy time.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yard Sale Part I

I spent some time destashing... I hope you find something you like. I can take PayPal (I'll send you my email address to make the payment) or a US money order. Please bear with me.... I'm learning :o)

Prices include Priority Mail shipping.  Overseas shipping may be more.

Loralie Teacher Border Print (3 yds)
6 FQs
2 Panels (one teacher missing from each panel)


3 yds Sorbet $15

7 yds Harvest Print from Wilmington Prints  

4-1/3 yds Mardi Gras Masks
1.5 yds Mardi Gras Beads  (Robert Kauffman)

Maywood Studios
5 yds Ornaments
1.75 yds dark green
(9) 1 yd each

Working on the Yard Sale - Question??????

I'm busy pulling fabric out of the stash to put up for my 'blog sale' and I have a question for those who have done this in the past.

I do have a paypal account.... and I've only ever used it and gotten payments from people when I give them my email address. Is there an easier way to do this?

In the past I've done more with sending US money orders.

Any suggestions or advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

Bernie is sick.... and I'm frustrated

Finally....... I have a Sunday to sit down and knock out a project and what happens.... the machine zonks on me!!!!

I was just meandering... and in the middle the bobbin thread was doing this (see picture)... so I just spent 30 minutes ripping it all out the middle of the quilt.  I had changed the needle in the middle of quilting and apparantly that took care of that problem but  I'll have to re-do it after Bernie comes back from the spa.

Before I found all of that on the back, I tried to make the binding... my feed dogs won't come back up.

Of course.... just as school is ending and I can sew without guilt. *SIGH*

Hope you are having a better day...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

June UFO

I am so sorry for posting this late. My only excuse is school. The end of the marking period is here (school is over on the 10th) and I have to get grades done and in by Monday morning.

So without further delay here is the number. It took four attempts before it gave me a number that hadn't been chosen yet.

Thank you all for being patient.