Friday, May 20, 2011


I hate these teeny.... tiny.... little..... *#($&(#(& things!!!!

We went through this last spring... why again????

Ok, enough ranting.

Hope you are having a better day



Natalie said...

we had them last year too. We treated the yard and put traps out all over the house. I haven't seen them yet this year but I am worried that's just because we haven't seen them and they are actually lurking around...

Tracy said...

I read online while researching how to get them out of my dishwasher that they come in looking for water...with as much rain as we've had lately I'm a little skeptical!!!

Karin said...

I think these a amazing insects..... well as long as they wont keep me company in my house or destroying my stuff. I had them last year too...... within two hours they were all over in my house - yikes. Defently no fun - I feel with you.

Katie said...

Well please don't send them here. We have enough of our own!