Saturday, May 28, 2011

I really want to know........

about your iron.

What kind do you have?
Why do you like it?
Do you use steam all the time?
Do you have an 'automatic shut-off" feature and does it bug you?

Anything you can tell me will help. My friend Donna is allowing me to test-drive her Oliso so I will get to that ASAP.

I have two old GE irons... heavy as all get out... and they are HOT!!! - pulling oodles of electricity which means I really don't want to leave them on while I'm sewing (thus the question about the auto shut-off thingy).

I appreciate your input... happy weekend!!


Yvette said...

I have this iron:

You can iron forward or backwards and NOTHING sticks to the sole plate. When I am using fusible I just keep an old towel around and swipe the iron on it and it is as clean as new.

Anonymous said...

I use a 50-year old Dominion dry iron sometimes because it really gets hot. The other iron I use is an old Proctor-Silex one that is heavy. Guess I'm not much help in the extra features on newer irons. Good luck in finding one that you like.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

I have a Rowenta and like it enormousely. It has auto shut-off and I like that because I don't have to remember to shut it off. I jump up and down to press enough that it doesn't shut off precipitously. I use steam most of the time.

On another front, I need about 3 more hours and I'll be done my UFO for May!

Michelle said...

It's a bit pricey, but the Reliable Velocity iron is awesome! TONS of steam, great heat, and the option to turn off the auto-off feature. I love it! I bought mine at

Vicki W said...

I hate the Rowenta that I bought at Costco. Please post the results of your survey!

Carol said...

I've had 2 rowentas that were quite pricey. They had the best steam around but both died in under a year and would cost more to fix than the cost of a new iron.Go figure that one. Now I use a cheapo(about $20 bucks) hamilton beach iron from walmart.Enough steam for applique and it gets hot enough for pressing quilt squares without steam. A little lighter in weight than I'd like but it does the job.

Blue Ridge Mountains said...

I have a Rowenta that has given me good service for over 20 years. It doesn't get as hot as I'd like it to when ironing linen but other than that it is perfect. Auto shut-off is a great - wonderful steamer.

Suzan said...

My Rowenta leaked like a sieve so I bought an incredibly cheap iron at Walmart. I use it dry and keep a spray bottle of water (or pressing spray) at hand. The iron does not have a cut off feature and I am happy about that. The overhead lighting in my studio is on a surge strip with a on/off switch. The iron is also plugged into the strip. When I leave the studio, I turn off the switch (the lights are my "clue" so that I don't forget)and I don't need to worry about burning down the house!

floribunda... aka Julie said...

I posted about this same subject a couple of weeks ago and ended up with a new Black & Decker (not the "classic" version, which i hated!)

I like the auto shut-off, but my hubby doesn't like that it shuts off while he's ironing his shirts because he holds it flat for more than 30 seconds at a time.

I like the steam, but on this iron there is no "off" setting for steam -- the higher the temperature, the more steam you get.

Anonymous said...

My 20+ year old Proctor Silex that I loved died this past year and I replaced it with the same Rowenta you are showing -- I hate it! I don't use steam and that iron does not get hot enough. The newer irons are lightweight and I haven't found one I like yet. Florence