Sunday, October 17, 2010

Still here..................

Wow... I haven't posted in nearly a month. For that I apologize, but honestly I haven't had anything earth-shattering to post about.

My life is school... working through this semester that I've never taught and trying to re-vamp stuff that is 20 years old (seriously). I spend an average of six hours at school on the weekend; it is so much easier to work there rather than haul everything home.

But enough whining.... what have I been doing?

I did get some 5-inch squares cut - I need to make a sample for the disappearing nine-patch I am going to teach at guild in the spring.

I did go the Grandmother's Flower Garden group that Judie started.. and actually sewed a few hexies together... Thanks Judie!

On the down side, my inlaws are slowly driving back from New Mexico. Near the end of their two week vacation she fell and did major damage to her wrist. She had to have surgery in Roswell and rather than get jostled around on a bus and plane, they are making their way cross-country.

So, I hope that you are all having fun fondling fabric and using the creative side of your brain. I am so hoping to spend some of Thanksgiving break doing the same.

Quilty Hugs!


quiltingnana said...

ahh...I remember those September days teaching middle certainly can be forgiven for not posting....

Barb said...

Glad you checked in....busy as usual.

scraphappy said...

Amazing how all consuming it can be, isn't it? It doesn't go on forever, and it does get better each time you do it. Thanksgiving isn't much further, and Christmas is right behind. Good luck keeping your sanity!

KatieQ said...

It sounds as though you're in need of a vacation. You're really putting in a lot of time. At least once you've gotten through the year your curriculum will be developed for next year and you won't have to reinvent the wheel again.