Sunday, September 5, 2010

Slow Poke Quilters

I am a slow poke... I freely admit it. I piece and quilt for me, at my speed. Anymore challenges, round robins, even block swaps make me tense.

So if you are a slow poke, come join us. You can find all of the information here.



Linda said...

Thank you Nancy. I have found a few other sites lately where gals have talked about quilting for enjoyment and not the pressure of completing projects quickly.

Barb said...

How true about the stress of "deadlines" making one tense, I hear you and I agree! Thank you for sharing the website for the "Slow Poke Quilters"...good idea, I am not sure I am even up to that ;>)!! I am thinking about it though! Have a great week!

SheilaC said...

Me too!!! For me, quilting is certainly not a race.... I could never make a business of it for that very reason!

Thanks for sharing and I hope your school year is going well :)



I've always belonged to this club....With 21 uncompleted projects!!!!! I love the process. I started a new one today :)