Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm still here......

Well, we just finished the third week of school. Some of the 'squirrels' are starting to calm down.... I think they realize they are here for the next 166 (school) days.

The memorial for our former Latin teacher was today. It was incredibly moving and the number of students, past and present, that attended was great. This man really touched a lot of lives. On the way home I decided I would take the leftover "latin" fabric from Erin's quilt and make a baby blanket for his grandchild that is due in November.

I finally swapped out the chimney sweep blocks and will get them in the mail Monday or Tuesday. One poor gal sent hers twice and apparently someone in the postal service decided they needed them more. How sad is that.

My daughter Erin is the throws of interviews for a federal clerkship position. She will be home for one in Harrisburg on Monday and flies to Cincinnati for two in Kentucky.

The creeping crud is making its way through the school district. I'll probably have Beth to the doctor this week for a sinus infection. I told my students they can't breathe in my room anymore :o)

So I hope you all are having a lovely fall/spring. Take care and hug someone you love (or even someone you don't).



SheilaC said...

The germies are making their way through our school too. Doing my best to stay healthy.

How sweet of you to make a quilt for the teacher's grand child.
Can't wait to see pics of it.

Enjoy your weekend

Barb said...

That is so wonderful of you to make the grandchild a quilt, what a special quilt it will be too.

Hope you can stay well!!

Linda said...

What a special wonderful gift for the precious little one! The crud is in our school also. We are already wiping the tables and desks down with disinfectant each afternoon.

Congratulations to your daughter! I hope the interviews go well.

Take Care of yourself.

quiltingnana said...

The first weeks of school were always a mix of excitement and dread...glad you made it through

quiltmom said...

It is always hard to avoid the fall illness- my little children have it and I have succumbed to the cold version of it anyway. I am having a quiet day and that is helping- Hope you manage to avoid whatever bug is inhabiting your classroom.
What a lovely thing that you are doing for your latin teacher's grand child. It is really thoughtful.

Melissa said...

How thoughtful to make that quilt!

I didn't realize it, but I just heard on NPR that this is rhinovirus season and it is because school is back in session. How lovely. The reporter said it peaks Sept. 17th. Maybe you should quilt yourself a germ mask!

Trudi said...

The weather has turned here too and you don't need to be in a school environment for the germies to travel, Stay well Nancy,keep safe :)

The Quilting Pirate said...

Glad to see you around! Fall always means new routines to adjust to. Take care!

Beth said...

Do your best to stay well!!! My friend and her husband both sub in their school district and they have been busy already.

Such a sweet idea to make the quilt for the teacher's grandchild.